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Anxiety and Depressive Disorder Children

Other Disorders Related to Anxiety and Depression

Other Childhood and Adolescent Disorders Related to Anxiety and Depression Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Autism/Aspergers Disorders, Communication Disorders and Learning Disorders often co-exist with anxiety and depressive disorders in children and adolescents. Therefore our practice also includes a specialization in psycho-educational assessment for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment/intervention of learning and behavioral problems. Parents with concerns about their child’s cognitive processing (attention, memory, and perception), academic achievement, overall development, and […]

Depression/Mood Disorders Children

Depression affects a significant portion of the population. This includes children and teens. In 2009, US News and World Report published an article which stated, “Serious depression afflicts two million teenagers each year” Depressive disorders consist of a variety of symptoms in the areas of mood, thinking, behaviors and physical reactions. Mood related symptoms include sadness, irritability, depression and anger. Many depressed children and adolescents are also anxious and nervous. When children and adolescents are […]

Separation Anxiety/School Anxiety Children

For many families the first days of school are met with excited anticipation of new friends, new teachers, and new experiences. However as many as 5% of school aged children refuse to attend school based on fears and anxiety. Emotional meltdowns and anxiety may occur at school, in the car on the way to school, when getting out of bed in the morning or even the night before school. A common scenario is parents desperately […]

Social Anxiety Children

Social anxiety is painful and anguishing for a child and or adolescent. It can interfere with social functioning, and relationships. Shy children often avoid situations where they might be judged. Avoidance is the behavior most often associated with social anxiety. Most people would not willingly or easily put themselves in a situation where they believe they will be judged negatively and children may protest when adults attempt to force them into social situations (Manassis, 2008). […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Children

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is likely to affect 2% of the child and adolescent population at some point in their life. The disorder is equally common in males and females. Adapted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – IV-TR. Obsessions are distressing and persistent thoughts that are associated with anxiety. Obsessive thoughts frequently have a theme of contamination (germs or dirt), or doubts over something that was said or done. Many children have obsessive […]