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Teachers and Substance Abuse

Teachers and Substance Abuse

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Teachers and Substance Abuse

There is a direct relationship between job stress and the excessive use of alcohol or prescription medications. Teaching ranks among the highest levels of job stress and unfortunately many teachers find the best coping skill to be the use of alcohol or drugs.

Teachers are Committed; Teachers are Caring; Teachers are Resilient; but Teachers are also Human

Over the years we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of teachers overcome their dependence on substances. Teachers often fear losing their autonomy by going into a treatment facility. There is also the matter of time – after an exhausting day, going to a treatment facility or hospital to participate is mentally and physically demanding.

Now you can participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home

Working TeacherWith the creation of Online Recovery these fears are dispelled. The unique, first of its kind in the nation, provides treatment for teachers from the comfort and privacy of their own home, participating with other teachers from around the state, sharing the common stressors, common fears, and common victories. A small group of only six teachers per program, all working, sharing and moving toward a life sustainable without the use of substances.

Life can be managed effectively without the use of substances. It’s difficult, it takes courage, but the gift is the return to the joyous life of abundance that you once had. The enjoyment of teaching that was once your inspiration. The love of family and friends that will last a lifetime.


Call us today and let us guide you to a life of recovery.